About Us

We offer tree trimming, pruning and tree removal to home and business owners. Our passion for tree care is reflected in our attention to detail and commitment to safety. Trust Drewpy Branches Tree Services to take care of all your tree service needs. We are fully licensed and insured. Serving Taber and surrounding area.

Full Service Tree Removal

Drewpy Branches Tree Services will remove small to full grown trees, including close structure removals.


Trees are beneficial to a property and create a custom landscaping that is pleasing and can increase property value. All trees eventually begin to die, some become too old to keep, others become too damaged from extreme weather conditions. When this occurs, it is better to have the tree removed before it can cause damage to your home or nearby property.

Tree Trimming 

Drewpy Branches Tree Services will trim and prune all sizes of trees to owners specifications.


Unkempt trees can give your yard a disheveled appearance and block airflow to the areas beneath. We will eliminate problematic and heavy-hanging branches. Our service offers trimming of the tree to cut away affected and broken branches. In addition, we can give mature trees a makeover by shaping and thinning. Tree trimming is a benefit your trees deserve. By scheduling routine tree pruning, you can improve the health of your trees, enhance their overall appearance and increase sun exposure to underlying plants.

Storm Damage Tree Removal

Drewpy Branches Tree Services is ready to remove downed trees and broken limbs laying around your yard caused by severe weather. We will provide fast, efficient service after these events. Our goal is to get your yard back in shape as soon as possible.